Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— C.G. Jung

When we have the desire to live a more self-aware, free, fulfilling life, the question we often ask is, “What is the meaning of my life?” 

The founding Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, believed people determine an answer to the “meaning” question in two ways: one, by bringing into awareness unconscious parts of themselves, and two, bringing the opposites within them into harmony.

Is This the Right Approach for You?

It takes an open mind and heart to discover and receive what signals (messages) are being sent from the Self. This involves paying attention to dreams, intuition, body sensations, and awareness of synchronous events.

I help people discover these signals through our connection. Curiosity for your experience will allow us to understand your inner workings; through documenting your dreams, connecting to your body in session, and actively engaging with your imagination.

Through bringing consciousness and understanding to these inner aspects, a new ego strength is born, which allows trust for the Self to support you in the workplace and in your most intimate relationships. Through your ability to live authentically, life becomes easier to navigate in what matters to you; bringing more enriching experiences to the common thread of your life. 

Living Through Your Unique Expression

The term individuation refers to the ever-expanding development of an individual over his/her lifetime. Stifled individuation results in people being unable to create a life that reflects who they are and what truly matters to them personally. Without proper individuation, we easily buy into the conditioning of our ego that served us in childhood, for example. We may also fail to integrate the different aspects of ourselves because our ego mind cautions us in some way. However, when we realize that the ego is separate from the Self as we individuate, a new ego structure emerges to support us through our authentic expression.  

We often aren't aware of the connection between our 'conscious' and 'unconscious.' We just know that there is something missing, or something not aligned with us. This is because all of the parts of ourselves are important - and are showing up in some way, to benefit us or not.  The whole, wonderful picture of ourselves is created when all of our parts are integrated and in a balanced way.  

The Importance of the Self (aka, Your Inner Wisdom)

Jung believed that everything we need to guide us through life and individuate is within us. This inner symbolic wisdom is what Jung named the Self. The Self is constantly transmitting important messages to us, but because the language is symbolic, we miss much of it.

To comprehend what the Self is telling us, Jung (and followers) found ways to help people understand the symbols via Active Imagination and dream interpretation. Once an individual deciphers the messages from the Collective Unconscious/Personal Unconscious, they can integrate this knowledge into their lives.