If we can stay with the tension of opposites long enough —sustain it, be true to it—we can sometimes become vessels within which the divine opposites come together and give birth to a new reality
— Marie-Louise von Franz
  • Are you a woman/femme identified person that represses your own feelings because you are overly dependent on others for approval?

  • When you are not engaged in your creative process, do you find yourself feeling alone and depressed? Have you resorted to ways in avoiding the boredom that lead to self-destructive behaviors; in turn lowering your self-esteem?

  • Is your child self-destructive and you’re lost in how to support your child in overcoming these behaviors?

If you answered yes, I may be able to help. Take your time, read my website, and let it sit with you. Does it feel right to you or do you think you’d prefer a different style of psychotherapy? If you are still vibing with me, let’s talk on the phone.

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